Hi Kate,

I saw you on Fox news. I’m a Captain for a major Airline based in Seattle and you and the rest of the media are unfortunately completely missing the story here. I park in a remote employee lot and ride the bus in with all the other airport workers. We call it the Mogadishu Express because nearly all airport workers now are Muslim. We all get off the bus together in the basement and ride the elevators up to the Terminal and cross the walkway into the terminal……… and then all these Muslims and other airport workers go downstairs and bypass security while only the Pilots and Flight attendants go up and are paraded through security in full dress uniform.

We Crewmembers are TSA’s pawns so the public can see us and feel like TSA is doing a thorough job, i.e. “ If the pilots have to go through too, then we must be safe Grandma”. TSA is a complete fraud. An army of these Muslim woman that have just bypassed security then come on my plane in full Muslim garb to clean it between flights. ( Please, I’m not picking on Muslims but simply trying to make my point). Then, all the ramp workers( most from Somalia as of this week, hired by Menzies) who have also bypassed security load the bags and then push my aircraft back from the gate so we can taxi.

They have all had complete unrestricted access to every lavatory, overhead bin, seatback, cargo hold, galley, nose gear wheel well as they disconnect the tow bar (read sticky bomb) and every other access panel on my aircraft. I feel a much greater threat from all these unscreened aircraft workers than I do from the passengers boarding my aircraft! TSA is nothing more than a giant overfunded whitewash perpetrated on the flying public to make them feel safe.PERIOD.

The janitors cleaning the restrooms inside the secure area of the terminal have bypassed security, the Mechanics working on my aircraft have bypassed security, the Skycaps pushing the old folks down the jet way in the wheelchairs have bypassed security, all the gate agents boarding the flight have bypassed security. All the construction workers at our airports have bypassed security and on and on. Are you starting to get the picture?

Pistole will first deny this then will relent and tell you they have all had a thorough background check. (Read drivers license check). I have been fingerprinted and checked by the FBI and I still go through security every single day and yet these thousands and thousands of Muslim and other airport workers bypass our nations security……. each and every day! There is no security…….its all a scam. Either every single person in the “secure area” has been screened by TSA or there is no security. Don’t even get me started on the body cavity bomber which makes these obtrusive scans and Genital pat downs instantly obsolete. I wish just one person in the media would pick up what is so obvious to the rest of us. THE BY PASSING OF SECURITY BY ALMOST ALL AIRPORT WORKERS.


Airline Captain Based in Seattle

(Since I don’t want to be turned in to Joe the Plumber I prefer to remain anonymous)