Spirit Airlines, continuously the yardstick of how little an airline cares about their passengers, has, once again, astonished us. Just as it seemed all extra fee ideas had been exhausted, Spirit goes beyond. Effective November 1, Spirit is going to charge five bucks to print a boarding pass at the airport.

The throng of Spirit charges is astonishing. Take a few minutes to review their Our Optional Fees page. They are actually still charging for carry-on bags, long after the other airlines rejected that as too far over the top. Spirit, apparently, disagrees, and yet they’re still booking passengers.

FlyersRights is airline passengers’ voice against the proliferation of airline fees. New DOT rules at least require airlines to publish all fees for their optional services, and will mandate publication of all fees and taxes as part of the fare beginning next January. We will work with DOT and our congressional allies to provide more protections for air travelers.