You will get an answering machine and instructions for what to do when stranded. We will answer your questions to the best of our ability about other issues. If your baggage is lost, unfortunately the airlines end up selling your bags at . You can go there to view your precious items. It this bothers you CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND ASK THEM TO INCLUDE OUR BAGGAGE CLAUSE IN THE BILL. At this point our baggage clause has been ignored by Congress.

We are here for you. We will do our best. We are a non-profit and need your donations in order to keep afloat. Airline miles, cash (every dollar helps), hotel points etc.

Your Fearless Leader,

Kate Hanni, Founder

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  • How about pushing for shipping of luggage ahead of time in our airlines? I still can’t believe this has not taken off sooner. Lots of companies out there and the prices are coming down. 3-day delivery about as equivalent as getting charged the extra $25.00 if your over 50 pounds and some airlines restrict less than that. Less bags in airports and airplanes means less delays (check-in, security, airplane loading, baggage carrousel’s) means better security, means less weight on the airlines, means less fuel, means less stress, means more enjoyable travel, means possibly lowering ticket costs ect. The amount of bags carried and people are not getting smaller the delays will continue to get worse. Passenger Bill of Rights is great but lets talk about future solutions to help achieve them.

  • i was stranded in the march break east coast storm, to show my displeasure i designed a t-shirt which i would be pleased to show you if you e-mail me back. air travel is somewhat like bruclle’s cough medicine, or it’s becoming like it, you hate it but it works most of the time. andy jamieson

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