November 14, 2010
Contact: Kate Hanni 707-337-0328

Flyers Rights Launches “ScannerGate” Petition to protest use of
Scanners and “Enhanced” Pat Down Mechanisms as Primary Screening Method

Flyers Rights ( the largest Airline passenger rights group in the world, today announced the launch of a Petition to protest the implementation of Backscatter Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) Machines as well as the “Enhanced” Pat Down Mechanisms for those who “Opt Out” of the machines.

“The TSA has offered no credible specifications for Radiation emitted by these machines, and multiple constituencies, including the US Airline Pilots Association are declining to be screened. The TSA has also implemented an “Enhanced” Pat Down procedure that includes touching the genitals as well breasts and buttocks. It’s clear the intent behind this new Pat Down process is to discourage Flyers from opting out of the AIT Scanners,” Said Kate Hanni, Director of Flyers Rights.
“We are asking all Travelers to sign this petition:

The Petition is called “ScannerGate: Privacy is Paramount.”

“We believe that all the TSA is doing is adding layers of security- and in this case, more is not better- more is just more. We believe that both the AIT and Enhanced Pat Down Mechanisms are a violation of all Americans 4th Amendment rights against unreasonable search. It’s time for the TSA to adopt Risk Based, Intelligent Screening, and not simply add layers on the existing process.”

Legendary Consumer Rights Advocate Ralph Nader, Attorney Paul Hudson and Flyers Rights Director Kate Hanni had sent a request for a meeting to John Pistole and Janet Napolitano and thus far have not been contacted for that meeting.

“It’s unacceptable that the TSA and DHS would meet with Travel Groups, Pilots, Flight Attendants, Hotels etc. and NOT meet with the largest passengers rights group in the world,” said Kate.

Flyers Rights advice to their membership and all who are traveling through the holidays is as follows:

o Opt out of scanners
o Ask for a private room for your pat down WITH a witness,
o If you have a child under the age of 12 you can ask the ticket agent if your child was pre-selected for additional screening, if they were you can ask to have them de-selected.
o If during the screening process/pat down you feel you or your child was molested call the authorities.
o Don’t wear metal and if you aren’t pre-selected for additional screening you might avoid the dreaded pat down.