If your Senator voted on all Americans’ behalf and vote FOR the Passengers’ Bill of Rights, send them this letter (by email or Fax) to show your support, and ask for their continued support:

Dear Senator _______:

RE: Passengers’ Bill of Rights

I am pleased that you voted for Passengers Rights, Well-Being and Safety. Although there are stumbling blocks we see a golden opportunity for all Americans to take a stand for airline passengers rights.

I would like your support immediately in supporting a new bill, without any controversial amendments, that has the strongest possible passengers rights language in it.

If not a new bill then we would like the strongest possible passengers’ rights language attached to any extension put forward.

I hope we can count on your support if the FAA Reauthorization bill is extended.

Thank you for your support!


Your name
Coalition for Passengers’ Rights, Health & Safety (CPRHS)