Pets in the Cabin
    Each airline has its own rules for whether or not pets can travel in the cabin of the airplane. If the airline allows pets to travel in the cabin, the pet container is considered an item of carry-on baggage and must meet the appropriate requirements. Check with each airline about their procedures and policies. A Health Certificate from a licensed veterinarian is required for interstate and international travel. In general pets must be kept in their carriers during the entire duration of the flight. Some airports have areas available where pets can be exercised. There is usually a fee for bringing pets onto a flight. Remember that some destinations, such as the UK, Hawaii, and Australia have strict quarantine requirements upon arrival.

Emotional Support Animals

    Emotional support animals may be brought onto an aircraft provided that the passenger furnishes documentation, within the last year, from a certified mental health physician. There is a limited number of emotional support animals allowed on a single flight. Most airlines require prior notice, usually 48 hours, that an Emotional Support Animal or Psychiatric Assist Animal will be accompanying a passenger. The animal is to be kept on the floor in front of the passenger and not protrude into the aisle.

Therapy Animals
    Therapy animals, which are pets that have been trained and registered by a therapy organization in order to visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools and other facilities, are not considered to be service animals. When traveling with a therapy animal, standard pet-related regulations and restrictions apply.

Service Animals
    For more information on service animals, which are not considered pets, visit here.