Andrew Appelbaum
Staff Attorney
Andrew Appelbaum is a Staff Attorney for FlyersRights*. He previously interned for FlyersRights as a law student in 2014. Andrew graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 2016 and from American University in 2012. He is originally from St. Louis, Missouri but has lived in Washington for eight years.

*Authorized to practice in Virginia

Dan Prall


As an old geezer, having lived thru the curse of interesting times and an interesting life, Dan Prall joined FlyersRights in 2007 and now proofreads the Newsletter.  After graduating from VMI in 1962, he spent over six years in the Regular US Army, with tours including the 101st Airborne and later the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam.  After a couple of years teaching chemistry at VMI, he spent the next quarter century with DEA, ending as a Senior Forensic Chemist in Dallas.  During that time he had well over a thousand air trips to courts to testify as an expert witness and on clandestine lab raids.  Hobbies include astronomy with 4 solar eclipse trips since 1991 to Mexico, Curacao, and Turkey; SCUBA, as an instructor with over 3000 dives worldwide; growing the world’s hottest habanero peppers; driving his Nissan GT-R skillfully; and generally enjoying life at 76.  He misses the old easy days of flying when not everyone was a suspected terrorist, not to mention steak and lobster with wine on two flights a day between Dallas and Denver each way on Frontier in coach.

J. M. (Matt) Hesser


J. M. (Matt) Hesser is a Volunteer Staff Member, Editor and Contributor to FlyersRights®. Matt was one of the original members and involved from the onset of FlyersRights®. He has authored, edited and published over 500 market and project feasibility studies on products from Food and Pharmaceutical Acids to Zein; affecting every major geographical region, recognized trading entity and economic alliances on 6 continents during his 51years of employment. He spent his working career involved with technology transfer and developing industrial food chemical factories and plants worldwide. Matt is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and Iowa State University with degrees in Chemistry/ Microbiology (Fermentation Specialist) and Chemical/Food Science and Engineering. He is a multi-million mile domestic and international air traveler, having worked and lectured at seminars, symposia and other related industry conferences worldwide. He is semi-retired, continuing selected industry consulting assignments and travels for pleasure, worldwide. He and his wife reside in Colorado Springs, CO where he is active in local, state and national political and governmental affairs.