Behold, the new Greyhound of the skies! American Airlines’ new A321 Neo. Sardine seating? Check! One lavatory for 60 passengers? Check. One flight attendant per 50 passengers – which equals no flight attendants? Check! No seatback screens, aka no in-flight entertainment? Check! However, this may be insulting to Greyhound, we understand, because at least the… Read More

Remember the good old days, when frequent flyer programs were easy to decipher and actually rewarding?   Travelers earned mileage based on distance traveled. Airlines rounded mileage up to 500 for short flights, free tickets were easier to accrue, miles never expired, and award travel was basically free, requiring little more than a Saturday night… Read More

As we look back with pride on our successes, and look forward to another year of challenges, we gratefully reflect on the fact that we are an organization supported entirely through the generosity of our members. Again we must ask you, our loyal membership, to continue your generous support in 2019. The fight is far from… Read More

We get plenty of questions, but one we recently received deserves a wider audience: What things are most likely to trip up a passenger in a contract of carriage? All airline contracts of carriage are contracts of adhesion, involving no bargaining power by the consumer. Read more about adhesion here. You agree to the airline’s… Read More

Recent In-Flight Sexual Abuse Complaints to Feds Released By Airline Passenger Group… Nothing Done?   Perpetrators Allowed to “Sleep it Off,” Served “3 Jack Daniels and 1 wine,” and Not Met by Police   For more information, contact Paul Hudson, President, at 800-662-1859 or   Washington, DC-November 29, 2018- has released 20 detailed… Read More

We’re here for YOU Member! With the only toll free hotline 877-FLYERS6. With the only comprehensive know your rights! Web site -bookmark it now! With the only staffed advocacy office in DC. Help us continue our advocacy work on behalf of airline passengers for another 10 years! If you have not please Donate now! Thanks so much and… Read More

Two aviation crashes outside the U.S. made headlines this week. Lion Air crash An almost-new Boeing 737 Max 8 operated by Indonesian low-cost carrier Lion Air crashed shortly after departing from Jakarta International Airport on Oct. 29. Lion Air had operated the aircraft only since August of this year. The 737 carrying 189 passengers and crew went… Read More