Korean Air Fumbles Fare Fiasco Airline Fashion Police Confuse Passengers Fees in the News Matching Gift Pledge! What Kate’s Saying Korean Air Fumbles Fare Fiasco FlyersRights.org was inundated last week with calls and e-mail from passengersshocked to discover that Korean Air had cancelled their confirmed ticket from US departure points to the Pacific resort… Read More

  Airlines Greet Fines with Scare Tactics FAA Bill Controversy Heats Up Aerotoxic Syndrome Update EU Bans X-Ray Body Scanners A Great New Travel Information Site What Kate’s Saying Airlines Greet Fines with Scare Tactics In the wake of the DOT’s landmark decision to find American Eagle $900,000 forthe May 29th stranding of nearly 600… Read More

  DOT Imposes Tarmac Delay Fines New TSA Committee Provides More Security Theater Lavatory Oxygen Removal Update Help Us Launch Flyers Rights Education Fund What Kate’s Saying DOT Imposes Tarmac Delay Fines Nearly 19 months after DOT implemented the Three-Hour Tarmac Rule, the Department has fined regional carrier American Eagle $900,000 Monday in the first… Read More

  E-Cigarette Survey Outcome! CORRECTED COPY CN Gov Malloy’s Stranding Perspective Help Us Launch Flyers Rights Education Fund A Vote of Support What Kate’s Saying EDITOR’S NOTE: The first edition of this newsletter incorrectly identified Dannel Malloy as Governor of New York. He is, of course, Governor of Connecticut. The fault was entirely mine, and… Read More

  FLYERS RIGHTS Renews Call for Airport Tarmac Delay Contingency Plans Kate Asks, Spirit Responds What Kate’s Saying Airlines Ignoring DOT Rules The Huffington Post’s Blake Fleetwood reported last week that the Department ofTransportation (DOT) is investigating airlines for ignoring the provisions of the DOT’s August 23rd rulemaking that require airlines to “disclose all fees… Read More

Mica Says the TSA Doesn’t Work Time to Rethink the TSA What Kate’s Saying Rep. Mica Says the TSA Doesn’t Work Rep. John Mica, who chairs the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and was a key player in the establishment of the Transportation Security Administration, is now as fed up as the rest of us.… Read More

Click here to contribute to FlyersRights.org!  www.flyersrights.org   Seat Pitch-the Next Battleground? Some Airlines Looking at Seat Pitch as Profit Booster Seat Pitch Safety and Health Issues Fees, Fees, Fees Kate’s Week Seat Pitch as Airline Profit Booster? Taking the term “Cattle Car” to the next level, meet SkyRider, a new airline seat that resembles… Read More