TSA Is Keeping a Secret Watchlist of Those Who Resist   Are you a smart aleck to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers? Have ever swatted away a screener’s hand or expressed displeasure at what you considered intrusive groping? Do you hang around airport checkpoints? Well, you could be on America’s newest watchlist and not know it. That’s because the list… Read More

Last week, more than 200 American Airlines mechanics demonstrated in Times Square along with Transport Workers Union members against the farming out of their jobs. Besides the loss of US jobs, the larger concern is the danger to public safety or national security that arises from the offshoring maintenance work on commercial aircraft fleets. Most passengers don’t know that all… Read More

As we know, airlines love to make it as difficult as possible for passengers to receive money they’re entitled to for flight delays. Last week, the UK Court of Appeals confirmed that passengers of non-EU airlines who miss connecting flights outside EU can claim compensation. On the landmark cases, Gahan v Emirates and Buckley v Emirates, the Court… Read More

  Due to our win in the U.S. Court of Appeals two weeks ago, the onus is now on the FAA to prove to lawmakers, consumer groups and passengers that they have nothing to worry about in re tight airline seats. Let’s not grant them that chance. FlyersRights has argued that shrinking airline seats are not… Read More

June 14, 2017 Bloomberg confirmed last week that the new Basic Economy fares have been hugely profitable and this new fare class is worth at least $1 billion in additional revenue. Notably, this ‘lowest’ fare offering – which slashes services for the old price while raising the Economy fare – tends to raise your overall cost, because you… Read More

When Pigs Fly What a week it was! The Thanksgiving holiday was a zoo for air travelers. Whether you pigged out or were flying with pigs, it was a beastly scene in the skies. Cattle Class 2.0 One of the top emailed stories of the New York Times over the weekend was a piece by… Read More

Holiday Crush Nov. 25, 2014 If you’re traveling this week – good luck! By the numbers Busiest travel days of the Thanksgiving season, ranked by projected passengers on U.S. airlines:   Nov. 24: 1.88 million. Nov. 25: 2.18 million. Nov. 26: 2.27 million. Nov. 27: 1.36 million. Nov. 28: 1.63 million. Nov. 29: 2.23 million. Nov. 30: 2.61 million. Dec. 1: 2.41 million.… Read More

Declining Expectations Nov. 18, 2014 November marks the one year anniversary of the American Airlines and US Airways merger.Let’s take a look back at all the assurances and promises about ‘synergies’, and see if the merger was indeed “fantastic for the traveling public,” as gushed US Airways CEO, Doug Parker a year ago. Promise No. 1: “Travelers will benefit… Read More

Stand Up, Before You Sit Down Your Rights A to Z Nov. 11, 2014 Air travel is more stressful than ever. There are more cancellations, tarmac delays, and passenger horror stories than ever. Photo: Juliette Borda An airline passenger’s worst nightmare is hearing the announcement, “Your flight has been canceled”, or “Your luggage will not… Read More