The mystery of the Fuel Dumping B777 continues.

A week later, we’re are still wondering why the pilots of a Boeing 777 didn’t notify air-traffic control before dumping fuel over densely populated Los Angeles.

If the pilots thought it was an emergency, then undoubtedly the crew will claim it was in the interest of safety.

But mysteriously, they responded to ATC’s question, “Need to dump fuel?” with “Negative”, before dumping fuel shortly later. Perhaps the situation became more dire?

B777 captains have decades of experience, so it’s very odd they wouldn’t notify ATC. Although ultimately, the pilot in command would make the decision.

The Facts Will Come Out In An Investigation

The NTSB will interview the crew. Yet, so far, there doesn’t look like anything much from the ATC communications records other than, “No need to dump fuel” and, “The situation is under control”.

Fuel dumping is usually done at altitude, where it burns up – or over the ocean. It’s very uncommon to dump fuel over populated areas.

To be continued…