Praise For New Passenger Rights Supreme Court to Hear Case of Disgruntled Frequent Flyer FAA Recommends Pilots Spend Less Time Using Autopilot Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Last week, FlyersRights unveiled the new passenger Bill of Rights 2.0.   This will be major legislation that will be opposed by the entire airline industry.  It will only pass with strong… Read More

Airline Passenger  Bill of Rights 2.0 15 Airlines Warned About Ice forming on Engines of Dreamliner Tuesday, November 26, 2013 FlyersRights is proud to announce our Passenger Bill of Rights 2.0.  Please email your comments,(globetrotter1947[at]hotmail[dot]com), over the next 10 days (by Dec. 10th).    We will be presenting the final version to Congress and DOT the week… Read More