Airlines Greet Fines with Scare Tactics FAA Bill Controversy Heats Up Aerotoxic Syndrome Update EU Bans X-Ray Body Scanners A Great New Travel Information Site What Kate’s Saying Airlines Greet Fines with Scare Tactics In the wake of the DOT’s landmark decision to find American Eagle $900,000 forthe May 29th stranding of nearly 600… Read More

  DOT Imposes Tarmac Delay Fines New TSA Committee Provides More Security Theater Lavatory Oxygen Removal Update Help Us Launch Flyers Rights Education Fund What Kate’s Saying DOT Imposes Tarmac Delay Fines Nearly 19 months after DOT implemented the Three-Hour Tarmac Rule, the Department has fined regional carrier American Eagle $900,000 Monday in the first… Read More

FlyersRights Helps Spirit Traveler Kate got a Hotline call last Friday from Flyersrights member Melissa, asking for assistance with a problem regarding a Spirit Airlines trip. Melissa and her two children were trying to get to San Jose, Costa Rica, on October 16th, and the trip had become a nightmare.   The problems began when… Read More

  E-Cigarette Survey Outcome! CORRECTED COPY CN Gov Malloy’s Stranding Perspective Help Us Launch Flyers Rights Education Fund A Vote of Support What Kate’s Saying EDITOR’S NOTE: The first edition of this newsletter incorrectly identified Dannel Malloy as Governor of New York. He is, of course, Governor of Connecticut. The fault was entirely mine, and… Read More

Help Us Launch the Flyers Rights Education Fund The Flyers Rights Education Fund is the education and service arm of our organization. Approved by the IRS in June, 2011, the Fund gives you a way to contribute to our airline passenger rights efforts through a tax-deductible vehicle. We now support many of our efforts through… Read More