The largest Travel Insurance companies like Elvia/Mondial, Unigarant, Achmea, Europeesche have all publicly announced they WILL pay costs incurred like hotel/meals/communications while being stuck. The funny thing is that the large Touroperators (big insurance sellers) and the Airlines (even bigger insurance sellers see; ) don’t mention it. In the KLM/Monidal press release KLM did… Read More April 20, 2010 Honorable Ray LaHoodSecretary of TransportationU.S. Department of Transportation1200 New Jersey Avenue, S.E.Washington, D.C. 20590 Re: Docket No. DOT-OST-2007-0022 Comments on Carriers’ Temporary Exemption Requests from DOT’s Tarmac Delay Rules for JFK, EWR, LGA and PHL Operations— No Waiver of “3-Hour Rule” When Airlines Overschedule Flights Dear Mr. Secretary: on April… Read More