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Founding Members and Volunteers of the Month

Volunteers of the Month
Kendall Wright and Ron Masters are friends for 50 years having attended Elementary School together. Both being retired, but with lots of energy have taken on teaching literacy to students where English is their second language. In addition Ken and Ron have volunteered recently to take on the daunting task of Directing and handling our bulk e-mails, press releases and finalizing our C-3 application with the IRs so that we can once and for all have an education component to our organization and offer a tax write-off for much needed donations. These men have stepped in at a time when our organization is most vulnerable to failure and are committed to our success!

Joel Smiler Joel Smiler
Joel J Smiler
This is our Lead Hotline volunteer for over a year now. He is a relief Veterinarian and he's been totally dedicated to helping us and passengers with their grief.

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