ScannerGate: Privacy is Paramount
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To:  Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano: Transportation Security Agency Administrator John Pistole

Be it Resolved:

The Department of Homeland Security and TSA have rapidly implemented Backscatter Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) full image body scanners into 450 airports around the US with the intention of doubling the number of machines in use during 2011.

According to the US Airline Pilots’ Association, the Transportation Security Administration "has offered no credible specifications for the radiation emitted by these machines. USAPA has determined that frequent exposure to TSA-operated scanner devices may subject people to significant health risks."

In response to the large numbers of people opting out of the body scanners, TSA implemented a new, very intrusive pat down protocol intended to discourage citizens from opting out of the AIT machines. Many have stated that they felt molested by TSA during these “pat downs.”

We, the undersigned citizens, object to being scanned, photographed, recorded, and/or having our images and the images of our children viewed by the TSA, and hereby resolve to boycott the use of these body scanners.

We further object to being patted down in a way that invades our privacy. Privacy is paramount, and Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure prohibit the actions now routinely undertaken by TSA personnel.

We demand that the TSA/DHS immediately cease use of either the AIT machines or the intrusive pat downs. We further demand that these screening measures be used only as SECONDARY SCREENING measures based on the risk presented by certain travelers.

We demand "Risk Based, Intelligence Driven" screening, not screening that violates the Fourth Amendment rights of 100% of air travelers. We further demand that the TSA and the DHS begin serious exploration of alternatives to these intrusive, ineffective and unconstitutional procedures.

The Undersigned

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